"At WENNBERG INTERNATIONAL LLC we understand the importance of professional customer service and the strength of building strong relationships with our clients and the connections we make.  We therefore aim to work with our clients from the project's "cradle to grave" to ensure every project we undertake meet our client's needs while completed on time and on budget."

Frank Wennberg, President & CEO

Business-to-Business Sales

We assist businesses interested in international expansion connect with clients, manufacturers and suppliers in markets and regions where they currently have no representation.  We utilize our international business experience to build relationships with the appropriate companies based on our client's needs in order to help our clients get on bidders list.  We continue working closely with each client on every project until the order has been received and the project has been "signed, sealed and delivered".  

Project Management

As part of the follow through of our business-to-business sales projects, we offer extended project management services to ensure every project is completed to a client's requirements and legal standards.  Our project management services are also provided on a long-term or project-to-project basis for companies that do not have in-house staff with the expertise required for various projects and programs.

We also work with experienced partners to provide engineered Automation Solutions to meet any project requirements.

Service Solutions

Making the right connections and creating the appropriate products and systems are the building blocks for success, but without a strong follow-up and maintenance strategy even the best solutions can falter.  This is where we can help through our After Sales consulting services.  Ask us about our long term Full Service Solutions to ensure your products are performing efficiently and consistently maintain expectations.


Leadership Development

We represent Klingborg Canada


Scope of Klingborg Canada's services:

  • Strategic support and leadership development: get the team working for a common goal
  • Complete company development programs (see
  • Leadership development and training
  • Team development
  • Meeting facilitation
  • 1on1 business coaching
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